Port Transfer Inc., has been serving the needs of our customers in the Port of Oakland since 1998. We are here to serve all your needs in the future.

Specializing in bulk transfers, legalizing overweight containers, with cross-docking available, we are a full-service, trans-loading facility, with Secure Warehousing. Whatever your need, Port Transfer Inc. strives to provide you with prompt, honest, reliable service, and a quick response to your every request.

Customer Profile: Port Transfer Inc.

An unprecedented global trade boom has created supply chain challenges for ocean carriers, equipment providers and cargo shippers. As imports continue to flood West Coast ports, there’s pressure on landside services, as well.

That means logistics providers are being called on to keep customer supply chains fluid, according to Port Transfer Inc. (PTI). Sparks, NV-based PTI said it’s handling more containerized cargo than ever for international importers and exporters. The company manages intermodal cargo transfers at the Port of Oakland. PTI has operated at the Port for more than 20 years. It specializes in containerized agricultural import/export cargo. It provides cross-dock, trans-loading and warehousing from its facilities on Port property. It manages over-weight containers in the Port’s overweight corridor.

The company reloads shipments to commodity trucks, flatbeds or rail cars. According to PTI, that work is more important than ever as shippers attempt to overcome supply chain disruption due to pandemic impacts including the increase in e-commerce. That means quick, efficient transload and crossdock services are essential to make up for lost time, PTI said. “We have a full-service dock, and our crew is handling cross-docks, transloads, or reworks every day to get our customers product moving quickly to its destination,” a company spokesman said. “Our large warehouse in addition to our dock space allows us the room to handle customers product and get product in and out of the warehouse efficiently and meeting the customers handling needs.”

PTI operates a certified private scale at the Port of Oakland. That allows the company to assist customers with overweight cargo and accurately manage bulk inventory. It can correct issues such as overweight on axles or over gross. Customers can drop loads at PTI’s yard, and the company reworks containers to minimize overweight costs and headaches. PTI said it works with both the UP and BNSF railroads at the Port of Oakland. The company explained that rail cargo is likely to become a greater percentage of the Port’s domestic transportation mix. That’s because Oakland welcomed its initial first-call vessel service in February with more expected by mid-year. First calls attract a greater amount of intermodal cargo destined for U.S. interior locations. PTI operates a certified Organic Warehouse, handling both organic and conventional products. The company is certified by the Republic of China as a trans-loader for alfalfa and hay to China. It reworks both bulk and containerized commodities and provides storage for bulk and palletized products.

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Port Transfer Billing is headquartered in Sparks, Nevada and can be reached at 775-342-0414 or billing@hmt.email

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