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Bonded Warehousing Services provided, both indoor, and outdoor secure storage. Located in the Port of Oakland for you're convenients, we have ample parking for whatever you could need stored, both short term and long term available.

Key Benefits

  • Safe
  • Secure
  • Convenient


From Container storage to package goods, to bulk products we have the facility to store anything you could need stored. Weather proof, indoor storage, bulk storage, easy to get to, and prompt service set us apart from the rest.

Large and small
Indoor, dry, secure, storage for anything from a container to a box of candy
Bulk product storage, and transfer capabilities
Palletized product storage.
From mopeds to Abrams tanks we have the solution for all you're storage needs.

Contact Information:                         Facility Location:

Port Transfer Inc.                                                        Port Transfer Inc.

100 Canyon Way                                                         2585 Buna St

Sparks Nevada 89434                                                   Oakland, CA 94607


Electronic mail:
All inquires: mark@pti.email
Webmaster: dave@pti.email

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