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We have the equipment and dock available to reload overweight containers and trailers legally and safely.

Damaged container Transfers, Overweight, damaged goods transfers, bulk load transfers, container to flat racks, palletize. split shipments. From ocean container to flatbed or dry van, or from dry van or flatbed to ocean containers. We have the equipment to handle all you're transfer needs

It takes a great amount of experience to properly load/block/brace and secure these oversized and overweight items.  Port Transfer Inc. works with the customer, to give them what they want and need, at a great price.

Key Benefits

  • Cross Docking
  • Warehousing
  • In the Port of Oakland's "Overweight Corridor"


Within our facility located in the Port of Oakland's Green zone, where it is authorized to move overweight containers to our yard, we have dock facilities, heavy equipment, crane service available, to handle all you're transfer needs. Secure parking, both indoor, and outdoor. Honest Transfer professionals, to treat you're product as though it was our own.

Cross Docking
Cross-docking reduces inventory carrying costs, transportation costs, and costs associated with order fulfillment and material handling.  We can offer timely distribution of freight and a better synchronization with the demand, reducing time and money it takes to store items.  Our facility and equipment is available for transfer of loads from rail to road containers and vice versa.           Conveniently located within the overweight corridor, in the Port of Oakland, our customers choose to have there products loaded, unloaded, and consolidated at our facility in order to achieve maximum weight capacity in each container shipped. Conveniently reducing ocean freight and drayage costs for both domestic and export shipments. 
Capability 2
Bulk Transfers, with equipment onsite to devan you're bulk load, and reload into street approved containers for delivery to you're customer.
Capability 3
Crane Service available upon request for those very heavy loads.


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